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Durable Medical Equipment

 Cavalier Pharmacare  offeres Donjoy , Tecnol , Silver Label , Air Cast , Royce Medical & etc. supply. Cavalier Pharmacare is a distributor of orthopedic bracing and support products and Use of advanced technologies, cutting-edge-design and high standards.

Table Contents

Upper Extremities
Cervical Collars , Clavicle Supports , Shoulder Immobilizers , Arm Slings & Elevators , Elbow Braces , Wrist & Hand Supports , Wrist & Thumb Supports , Lumbosacral Supports , Abdominal & Rib Supports.

Lower Extremities
Knee Immobilizers , Post-Op Knee Braces , Thigh, Knee & Calf Supports , Patellofemoral , Hinged Knee Braces , Foot & Ankle Supports , Post-Op & Cast Shoes , Walkers.

Patient Care
Positioners & Patient Care , Presure Care , Traction , Patient Safety , Fracture Bracing , Splints.

Cavalier Pharmacare is specializing in rehabitation and regeneration products for the non operative orthopedic and spine markets. Including rigid knee braces, soft goods, pain management and regeneration products, are used in the prevention of injury, in the treatment of chronic conditions and for recovery after surgery or injury Together , these products provide solutions throughout the patients continuum of care.
At Cavalier Pharmacare, we NEVER STOP GETTING BETTER each and every day. Better quality, better products, better patient care, and better customer care. That’s our
commitment to you.